All blog posts are written by Anyxcuse. Posts written by alternative authors will be labelled as ‘guest post’.


To ensure honesty and reliability I would like to advise you that I would not receive payment to do a positive reviews on items if I disagree with the product. I would like my readers to feel that they can trust what I say. If I dislike an item I may choose not to feature it at all as it is a waste of time and no benefit to my readers. I will always have a constructive opinion on items that I choose to review.


Please do not use my images for advertising, promotional material, Youtube music covers without permission. You are free to use my visuals for other purposes such as social media, but please ensure that you tag or provide a back link to my blog. It is important that you treat the images as Anyxcuse’s property. Other images on any-xcuse.com maybe used to support blogposts, a link to the brands item will always be provided. However, if there is a discrepancy please contact me via my contact page and it will be rectified as soon as possible.


Items on this page are items that are currently in my wardrobe, wish to buy or on-trend items I love. XCUSES to shop page is fun, as I love to shop. Therefore, the concept is that it gives my readers Anyxcuse to shop… The direct link to the item is always provided in the background for credit purposes and to give the opportunity for the readers to explore more/purchase the item. Supplements, devices may be featured on this page. It is your responsibility to check the contents before purchasing the item. Anyxcuse will not take responsibility for allergies and injuries from the products bought from ‘XCUSES to SHOP’ page source. By featuring an item on ‘XCUSES to SHOP’ page does not guarantee sales.



The ensure you get a user friendly experience cookies are used. I can ensure you data is private and confidential.

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