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Welcome to my creative led blog Anyxcuse.
Anyxcuse covers all my blogging concerns from Travel to Style, Fitness and Recipes.

I am a bespoke campaign style blogger with an artistic sense.

Once a month I release a magazine cover on my Instagram @any_xcuse with my favourite fashion piece. This is a warm up of what to expect for the month and many more.

Anyxcuse exercises innovative creative concepts through an intuitive understanding of image composition. My imagination stems from my love of travelling, sunshine and diverse culture. I form a vision and translate this through my photos hence the reason for not writing much! I am not a writing person, very much visual. Visual communication is the essence of Anyxcuse.


I have grown to realise that I am a creative individual with crazy thoughts, so I have decided to inject this into my blog. When I see a fashion item I often imagine a story behind it which is probably not normal, then it turns into an idea of what it would be like if I had the chance to create a photoshoot campaign. I have a passion for style, photography, visuals, motion and beats.


I love to slay in a hat, because I love hats, the style side of my blog will gear towards this! However, there will be pops of other fashion pieces too. I am quietly obsessed…


I am obsessed with traveling abroad and I would rather stay in every weekend for a few weeks and save the pennies to jet off somewhere hot. I know it sounds sad … but don’t be jeal when I get off a few times a year.
For this reason, I will be sharing with you my holiday destinations and reviews of hotels, airlines and who I booked with. Hopefully this will help someone out there! You can also directly ask me questions or pop me an email.


My fitness journey is ongoing, I am not perfect and I do not desire to be perfect either. I do not compare myself to anyone else because my body is unique. However, like any other girl I do have my fitness inspirations. This page will cover fitness/sports gear as well as health and fitness tips. My fitness journey started in 2009 (last year of Uni) when I was supposed to be going away on holiday. For me, this was my motivation and it kicked off from there. THIS HOLIDAY NEVER HAPPENED. One the other hand, I found myself only giving the gym a blast just before holiday…lol and I didn’t want to continue this crazy cycle. So, last year my fitness challenge was renewed by Project 10 when I was at University studying my Masters in Clothing Product Development. I’m a graduate- I’m blessed!


Everyone knows that I love food; some say I’m competitive and some cannot believe how much I eat. I do not hide my love for food; neither do I pretend in front of a friend to eat certain types of food! I have started baking again, so I will be sharing with you some great recipes.



That’s as much writing that you will get out of me ever.

Peace and Love


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